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​San Francisco


Progresso is looking for an outstanding and inspiring technical leader and people leader with practical expertise in scaling, operational excellence, and continuous delivery. You will direct and mentor your team as the director of software engineering as they execute flawlessly and agilely, delivering and deploying a containerized cloud-native platform continuously. You are an excellent motivator and leader of others. Your role will be to lead your team, collaborate successfully with cross-functional teams, and drive the design, development, deployment, and operation of a secure and dependable cloud service. Through practical expertise and hands-on work in scaling cloud platforms and processes, you will increase the bar for technological excellence. You will exhibit thought leadership, proficiency in execution, and the ability to communicate with various audiences.


Being in charge of a cloud infrastructure and operations group that operates around the clock with personnel spread across several global locations
Collaborate closely with senior leadership in Engineering, Customer Success, Product, and Interpres to ensure SLAs are fulfilled and quality meets or exceeds expectations in all areas.
Manage adherence to security and compliance safeguards, policies, and procedures • Lead, supervise, and coach a team of engineers to design, code, test, and deploy cloud multiple services that are running in the cloud. • Collaborate with Product, Design, and other cross-functional departments to enable your team to deliver quality products to our customers on time. Promote and establish an excellent engineering culture.

Join forces with Platform Engineering to make wise technical choices.

Encourage the use of continuous deployment approaches, such as alerting and tracking of golden signals.
Work with partner teams to establish effective issue management procedures and incident prevention methods; • Get your hands dirty with hands-on coding and code reviews when necessary


Our employees hold the key to our success. This involves maintaining a positive workplace environment for our employees at PROGRESSO. The foundation for this is the relationship and trust our leadership cultivates with their teams. With a focus on equity and inclusion, we continue to expand and engage our highly motivated and diverse staff. Progresso has a strong strategy in place to make sure that all aspects of our culture and business operations reflect diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.


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